Thursday, October 18, 2012

Volunteers Needed Now!

Your help is needed! Unfortunately, this year we have many more older adults in need than we have volunteers. Meeting every request for yard raking requires approximately 500 volunteers.

Please join us in this family friendly volunteer opportunity.  Also share this volunteer opportunity with small groups, congregations and youth groups who might be interested.

Below are dates and a link to more information.

Important Dates:
November 4: Kick-Off Event
Franklin Park (Sommerset Dr. & Roe Blvd, Prairie Village, KS)
11:00am - 2:00pm

Noveber 4-18: Rake Dates
(You choose the day and time with the homeowner)

Click Here for More Information & Forms

To sign-up or if you have questions, call us at 913.730.1445 or 913.327.8298. If it is more convenient, email us at or simply hit reply. We look forward to hearing from you!

In appreciation,

The Extreme Yard Rakeover Team
Adrienne Kizer
SueAnn Strom
Deb Dickinson
Danielle Wootton

P.S. This is a wonderful opportunity for youth groups.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sign-Up to Volunteer TODAY!!!

Your help is needed!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to EXTREME YARD RAKEOVER 2011 Edition

It is that time of year again. Jewish Family Services and Shepherd’s Center Central are busy planning the 4th Annual EXTREME YARD RAKEOVER. We are looking for volunteers of all ages and sizes who want to work as a team to rake and clean up the yard of an older adult who can no longer manage it on their own.

New This Year!
Please plan on joining us on Sunday, October 30, 2011 anytime between 11:00am and 2:00pm for a fun and energizing kick-off event at Franklin Park. There will be food and fun activities for the family. You will also be able to turn in required paperwork and pick-up your t-shirt and bag.

Yard raking will be scheduled during the first two weeks of November. Your groups availability will be matched with the homeowners availability and need.

If you would like to participate in raking but are unavailable for the kick-off on October 30, 2011 please contact us at 913-327-8298 to make special arrangements. We strongly encourage you to attend the event or have someone else in your group attend, bring your paperwork and have fun!

How Do I Sign-up?
Registration is easy, simply click on the link below and it will take you to the registration page. If you have questions or would like to register over the phone please call 913-327-8298.

Yes, I want to volunteer!

We look forward to working with you to make our community a better place!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Share your experience

We'd love to hear and see your experiences with Extreme Yard Rakeover. Feel free to post pictures of your group working on our Facebook page. Visit to post!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Extreme Yard Rakeover 2010 Update

We are pleased to bring you this update about Extreme Yard Rakeover 2010!

Yard assessments for our clients are currently underway and we are almost ready to match your volunteer group with a client(s). Beginning the week of October 25th, we will be in contact with you to give you specifics on the client whose yard you will rake during the first three weeks of November. Also, that week t-shirts and gift bags will be available for pick-up at two convenient locations. Watch your email for details to come!

To best match you with a client be sure and email us the following information if you haven't already: Number of volunteers in your group and the day or days your group wants to volunteer. Also, give us an idea of how many yards you would like to complete. (In planning your date of service, we recommend you choose an alternate or rain-out date. You never know what November weather will bring!)

In the meantime, please download the forms to be found on the right side of the blog.

1. Volunteer Guidelines-- please review! This document contains everything you need to know about being an EYR volunteer. Instructions are also given on the steps you need to follow once a yard is assigned to you.

2. Waivers of Liability- Two waivers are attached. One version is for adults the other is for children 17 and under. EACH VOLUNTEER MUST SIGN A WAIVER (if volunteer is under 18, please have guardian sign the guardian waiver on behalf of the child). The waivers should be returned to us by November 1st. Here are a couple of ways to return the waivers to us:
a. Scan the signed forms and email to
b. Fax the forms to 816-444-1177 Attn EYR
c. Mail (or drop off) the signed forms to SCC, Attn EYR 5200 OAK KCMO 64112
d. Return forms to the site where you pick up your t-shirts and bags, the week of October 25th.

Please be sure we have signed forms for EVERY member of your group by November 1st.

3. Volunteer Attendance Sheet & 4. Exit Assessment- These forms are to be used on your day of volunteer service. Please be sure that every group member signs the volunteer attendance sheet and indicate the # of service hours completed.. The exit assessment is a quick survey you the group leader will complete with the client after you finish raking their yard. Both of these forms should be returned to us within 3 days of your volunteer day. Return these forms via the methods listed above.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time is ticking!

Extreme Yard Rakeover is quickly approaching! We are nearly 3 weeks away from the beginning of the project.

If you haven't already, get your volunteer team together today. Group sizes should range from 6-10 volunteers. To volunteer, call 913.327.8998 or Email

Bags and t-shirts will be ready for pick up, on a first come basis, beginning the last week of October.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Shepherd’s Center Central and Jewish Family Services partner to provide free yard cleanup services for older adults

KANSAS CITY, Mo (September 13, 2010) - November 2010 will mark the third anniversary of Extreme Yard Rakeover. Extreme Yard Rakeover is a project sponsored by Shepherd’s Center Central in collaboration with Jewish Family Services to provide free yard cleanup services for older adult in Johnson County and parts of Kansas City, Mo.

Service areas on the Missouri side include residents living in the area between 46th to 85th and from State Line Rd to Paseo Blvd.

Volunteers are needed to provide this service to older adults who are financially and physically unable. Team leaders are needed to form groups of 6-10. Volunteers have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of an older adult, as well as take the yard waste for their own garden's benefit.

To volunteer: Call 913.327.8298 or email
Visit us at, as well as for updates on the project.